Most Impressive Places in Yemen You Must Visit

Most Impressive Places in Yemen You Must Visit

One of the most embattled regions of the Middle East is the country of Yemen, located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. To visit culture, history, religion, traditions, and the most ancient part of the world then Yemen is a perfect destination. Yemen has unlimited surprises for every tourist and unusual places for exciting experiences. Here are the most impressive places in Yemen you must visit. Now, let’s discover with us!

Impressive Places in Yemen

1. Socotra Island

impressive places in Yemen


One of the most isolated landforms of continental origin on earth is the beautiful Socotra Island, located between the Guardarfaui Channel and the Arabian Sea. The remoteness of the island has resulted in the growth of various species like the ‘dragon’s blood tree,’ pink desert roses, and a rare species of frankincense, which are endemic to the island and found nowhere else on earth. This is probably one of the reasons why the island has been described as ‘the most alien-looking place on Earth.’

Some people also believe that the island with its biological diversity and isolation was the original Garden of Eden. Whatever the theory of its origin there can be no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful places in Yemen with its varying landscapes. From the beautiful white sands of the surrounding beaches to the rugged Hajhir mountains and the golden sand dunes, there is much that will astound a visitor to Socotra.

2. Gulf of Aden, Aden City

impressive places in Yemen



It is a gulf and located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen. In the northwest, it connects with the Red Sea through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, which is about 20 miles wide. It shares its name with the port city of Aden in Yemen, which forms the northern shore of the gulf. Historically the Gulf of Aden was known as “The Gulf of Berbera”, named after the ancient Somali port city of Berbera on the south side of the gulf.

This is Yemen, a captivating harmony of history, nature, and countless settings for an unforgettable experience and memories.

3. Qalansiya Beach

impressive places in Yemen


The pristine white sand of the Qalansiya beach, set against the azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea is a feast for the eyes. The beach is not very far from the main settlement on Socotra, Qalansiya. Not very far from the beach is the Detwah Lagoon with its camping site overlooking a stunning landscape.

4. Al Mukalla Harbor

impressive places in Yemen



It is the main seaport of Yemen, and it is located in the middle of the southern coastline of the country. It is a quite bustling harbor, which is almost filled with small fishing boats sometimes large boats as well. The famous and typical shapes of most of the boats create a beautiful atmosphere. If you travel by boat, then Al Mukallah harbor is one of the most amazing spots you must see in Yemen and, within the town you can take full advantage of numerous lodgings, shops, eateries, and other amenities.

5. Ancient Tombs



It is a very impressive fact that the southwestern portion of Asia and the northeastern portion of Africa are thought of as the most ancient part of the world. In Yemen, you can explore different old graves, which date back to the Paleolithic age.

These lands were dwelt by ancient civilizations and cultures before about 40,000 years. In western Yemen, in the Al-Mahwit region, which is situated in Sanaa, there are hundreds of ancient graves are discovered. These graves are mainly some of the most ancient historical landmarks to add to your visit list and, they all are located in close vicinity to Sanaa.

6. Al-Saleh Mosque



Al-Saleh Mosque is one of the most impressive places in Yemen to visit. It is situated in the capital city of Yemen, Sanaa. The really captivating cultural and historical place is very alluring for the visitors. Reaching the mosque is very simple, and it can be viewed from far away within the city. As you get nearer to the wonderful frontages of AL-Saleh mosque you will be an observer to its stunning Yemeni architectural style, which contains four 160 meters-tall minarets and two little minarets, four colossal domes as well. And the entire edifice is adorned by lush timbered ornaments and engravings, and the neighboring green gardens are photogenic.

7. Old Walled City of Shibam

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Shimam or Shibam Hadramawt is one of the ancient cities in Yemen as it has been in existence for nearly 1700 years the city is situated in the central-western region of Hadramaut Governorate. Its key road joins Sanaa and other towns of western Yemen to the distant eastern territories. This city is frequently referred to as the “Chicago of the Desert” or “Manhattan of the Desert”.

The city has a warm desert climate at an average temperature of 28.0 °C. Shibam is famous for its exclusive architecture. Shibam is referred to as “the oldest skyscraper city” in the world. It is one of the ancient and best instances of urban planning based on the basis of vertical construction. The city contains some of the elevated mud buildings on earth. Some of them are more than 30 meters high. This architectural style was used to defend inhabitants from Bedouin attacks. The city is encompassed by a strong wall, thus it got its name “the walled city of Shibam” Now the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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