Top Delicious Foods in Turkey You Must Try

Top Delicious Foods in Turkey You Must Try

Turkey is the point where East meets West, the wealth of culture and breadth of influences has left its mark and is revealed in the country’s mouthwatering culinary landscape. Turkey’s got many pretty tasty dishes to shout about. Here are the top delicious foods in Turkey you must try when making a trip to this country. Let’s learn with us!

Delicious Foods in Turkey

1. Kebab

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Kebap, the cornerstone of modern Turkish cuisine, simply means “charcoal-grilled” and includes dishes as disparate as kestane kebap — roasted chestnuts sold in paper bags by street vendors on winter days.

The better-known meat dishes come in different styles depending on the region of origin: the spicy Adana; the mellow Urfa; the Antep, sandwiched between thick eggplant slices; a simple dürüm wrap in thin unleavened lavaş bread. The most famous is the İskender kebap, invented by İskender Efendi of Bursa in 1867, where razor-thin slices of lamb are smothered in yogurt, tomato sauce, and butter.

2. Mezze

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Rest assured, you probably won’t leave Turkey without being served Mezze, which is a small selection of dishes commonly served with drinks or before a meal. Turkish Mezze often consists of yogurt with herbs, hummus, rice-stuffed vine leaves (dolmas), meatballs (kofte), eggplant salad, white cheese, and of course, delicious, warm pide.

3. Baklava

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It’s sweet, it’s rich, it’s almost too good to be true. Layers of flaky pastry are complemented by finely chopped nuts and held together by syrupy goodness. This dessert originates from the Ottoman Empire, and can now be found on virtually every street corner in Turkey. Order one for dessert in a restaurant or grab one on the go.

No matter which way you eat it, it still tastes scrumptious. It’s a classic, and definitely one of the foods you must try in Turkey.

4. Simit

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Simit is one of the most popular Turkish foods. You’ll find it sold in these red street food carts everywhere in Istanbul.

Simit refers to a bagel-shaped bread encrusted with sesame seeds. It’s crunchy and chewy and makes for a great inexpensive Turkish snack.

5. Pide



Pide refers to boat-shaped flatbread baked in a brick or stone oven. It’s similar to pizza and can be topped with any number of ingredients like cheese, onion, pepper, tomato, sausage, and egg.

Pide is considered an important component of Turkish cuisine and can be found everywhere, from sit-down restaurants to street food carts.

5. Piyaz

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Antalya’s piyaz salad is one of the Turkish city’s most famous dishes — and its secret ingredient is its beans.
They’re not just any old butter bean, but a small version known as candir, named after the inland province where they’re grown. Delicate and flavorful, candir is mixed, together with tahini thinned with a little water, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, garlic, flat-leaf parsley, and olive oil.
In the very traditional version, a soft boiled egg is roughly chopped up and mixed through just before serving.

6. Saksuka

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A traditional Turkish side dish, saksuka consists of eggplant, zucchinis, garlic, tomatoes, and chili.
Turkish cuisine incorporates a huge range of vegetable dishes known as zeytinyagli yemegi — foods cooked in olive oil.
The majority are vegetable-based and include green beans, artichokes, and of course, eggplants.
One of the tastiest eggplant offerings is sasuka.
Here silky purple-skinned cubes of green flesh are cooked with zucchinis, garlic, tomatoes, and chili — how much of the latter depending on where in Turkey it’s made.

7. Kahvaltı



The Turkish breakfast will make even the committed night owl a morning person. Oven-fresh bread accompanied by honey and Turkish clotted cream (or kaymak), preserves like rose and fig marmalade, sheeps’ milk cheeses, and tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled in olive oil are standard fare, but every region has its own specialties. If you have any room left, try the menemen: runny scrambled eggs cooked with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes.

8. Gözleme

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Possibly one of the easiest fast foods to find in Turkey, Gözleme is the perfect snack to eat on the go. Similar to a crepe, this savory Turkish flatbread is made from hand-rolled dough and is filled with various toppings, such as cheese, meat, vegetables, or potatoes. It’s then sealed and cooked over a griddle. Try one of the cheese and spinach variations – you won’t regret it. For sure one of the foods, you must try in Turkey.

In conclusion, here are the top delicious foods in Turkey to try. It is ideal to visit beautiful places in Turkeyand experience tasty dishes here.


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