Top Most Popular Nepali Dishes You Should Try At Least Once

Top Most Popular Nepali Dishes You Should Try At Least Once

Nepalese cuisine is one of the most beautiful things about their culture. They have a number of dishes that are a blend of amazing flavors that are lip-smacking. Nepalese cuisine takes influence from its neighbors India, Tibet, and China. Nepalese cuisine is supposed to be healthy and cooked in less fat. will help you top the most popular Nepali dishes you should try at least once.

Most Popular Nepali Dishes 

1. Dal Bhat

Most Popular Nepali Dishes


Dal Bhat, a staple of the Nepalese diet, is a combination of rice (bhat) and lentil soup (dal) served with a variety of side dishes. Depending on the type of lentils used, the dal can be either yellow or black in color, whereas barley, maize, buckwheat, and unleavened bread roti are often used as a substitute for rice.

Most common side dishes include a vegetable curry called tarkari, spicy chutneys, a crisp flatbread called papadamu, South Asian achaar pickles, stir-fried greens, and slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. Dal Bhat is considered to be a typical vegetarian dish, although it can also be prepared with meat and fish.

2. Sel roti

most popular Nepali dishes


Sel roti is one of the most popular Nepali dishes you must try when traveling. Sometimes called Nepal’s answer to the donut because they’re deep-fried and round, sel roti is in fact much less sweet than the familiar donut, though they do have a hint of sweetness. They’re commonly found at road-side snack stalls and made in Nepali homes during celebrations and certain festivals (especially Maghe Sankranti and Tihar).

3. Gundruk

most popular Nepali dishes


Wildly popular in Nepal, gundruk is made by fermenting leafy green vegetables. It’s commonly made into a pickle, called gundruk ko achar. It tastes like nothing else we can think of – slightly mushroomy and quite salty. It perfectly complements Nepali curries and a dollop of it is usually added to a dal bhat meal.

4. Baji 

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Baji is a Nepalese dish consisting of pounded rice. It is usually consumed as a snack, paired with curry, meat, yogurt, or tea. Baji is especially popular among field workers, although it is also a key part of traditional wedding ceremonies in the country.

There are two main types of baji: red and white, the red one being much crispier than its white counterpart.

5. Momos

most popular Nepali dishes


Momos are small stuffed and steamed dumplings that originally hail from Tibet, but are now served everywhere in Nepal. The dough is made from wheat flour and water while the stuffing can be made of various fillings like spinach, carrots, or cabbage, sauteed with a few onions, spices, cheese, and minced meat.

They are steamed and sometimes browned in a frying pan and served with a hot sauce. In Tibetan, Momo means “8”, which is why these little ravioli are usually served by 8.

6. Dhido 

dhido meal


Behind this exotic name lies a simple meal of flour. Dhido can be made from millet, wheat, maize, or buckwheat and replaces dhal bat in parts of Nepal.

It is served with a spicy broth with achaar and a spicy sauce. It can also be eaten in the same style as a dhal bat with a dal or a vegetable curry.

7. Samosa

Nepali Samosa


Samosas are typically a famous Indian delicacy but you get them fresh onto your plate in Nepal as well. It is a spicy dish and is a mixture of mashed potato and spices stuffed in a triangular envelope made of white flour. This is then fried to make the shell crunchy. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, you might want to take a nibble and taste it first.

These delicacies are served with a sweet red-colored Chutney and you might want to have them fresh off the pan.

8. Yomari

A sweet dish prepared from rice dough and stuffed with a sweet paste made of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses, Yomari is a festival food in Nepal, made only during the festival of Yomari Punhi. This festival is celebrated each year in the winters to thank the Gods for a good harvest.

This dish is very famous in Kathmandu and you might also find its spicy version made with lentil.

Yomari Purnima

9. Gorkhali Lamb

nepal food gorkhali lamb


It is a collection of assorted flavors all stuffed into one package. Gorkhali lamb is essentially a curry dish that is prepared by slow-cooking the lamb in the curry along with potatoes and onions. It is then removed from the curry, grilled, and covered with a layer of spicy chili mix giving it an intense flavor. It is then put back into to curry to cook for a bit longer.

Lamb is one of the favorites of the Nepalese and this dish will surely be something worth trying.

10. Sekuwa

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Sekuwa is a Nepalese specialty dish consisting of grilled and skewered lamb, chicken, pork, or goat meat. Before grilling, the meat is combined with fresh herbs and spices. It is one of the most popular street food items in the country.

The dish is typically served with baji (pounded rice) and achar (tomato pickle).


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