Top Vitamin E-Rich Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair

Top Vitamin E-Rich Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant. It is a major food component that can be derived from natural food like grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables or can be taken in form of tablets. Vitamin E is known for its healing properties and that is one reason it is widely used as a skin and hair benefactor. The exact reason why we recommend it to you as we talk about skincare today. In this article, we will recommend the top vitamin E-rich foods for healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin E-Rich Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair

1. Almonds

vitamin E-rich foods for healthy skin and hair


Not only does this delicious dry fruit make an interesting company with your regular cereal, kheer, and night milk, with its rich supply of healthy fats, protein, fiber, magnesium, and over 70% of vitamin E constituents, Almonds help to maintain lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol level and reduces blood pressure.

These nuts help the skin fight damaging UV rays, improve complexion. In addition, almond milk acts toward hydrating the skin and soften it.

Along with magnesium, the dry fruit is a rich source of Vitamin D too. The deficiency of magnesium in the body leads to hair fall. Almond, when consumed orally or applied as oil on hair, keeps the scalp moisturized. They help cut down hair fall and improve the quality of hair.

2. Wheat germ

vitamin E-rich foods for healthy skin and hair


The name may sound a little off-beat, but let us explain. The embryo of the seed, Wheat germ is the reproductive part that is germinated and then grows into a plant. Wheat germ is often a by-product of mining, a lot like a barn. But its benefits are many.

Regular usage of wheat germ provides your skin with a natural glow. Many skin problems like eczema, dry skin; psoriasis get treated by applying wheat germ oil. The topical application loads your skin with Vitamin E that in turn helps soothing and repairs it while promoting skin cell formation.

It contains an array of vitamins, in addition to Vitamin E. The oil easily gets absorbed by the hair roots benefiting it with all the nutrients, thus keeping the hair shiny and healthy. It aids in fast hair growth

3. Avocado



Avocados are vitamin E-rich foods for healthy skin and hair.

This savory fruit has become the latest breakfast sensation. You can make plain avocado toast or mash avocado with other foods like eggs, meats, and veggies to top your bread with. Another way to use avocado is by making its dip and pairing it with your meals. Avocado’s creamy texture makes it an excellent breakfast food option.

4. Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds


These tiny seeds are big on vitamin E content. Roasted sunflower seeds can make for a great munching snack to pair with your morning tea. Or, you can simply sprinkle the seeds on your oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, and other meals.

Sunflower seeds are vitamin E- rich foods for healthy skin and hair.

5. Greens

vitamin e foods


Spinach, turnip greens, kale, mustard greens, swiss chard, or even parsley are some of the leafy greens that work wonders to give your body its daily dose of nutrients like calcium, iron folates, and vitamin E. In fact, a cup of boiled spinach or kale takes care of over 20% of your daily requirement. And, as nutritionists will tell you, eat greens in whatever quantity you wish – they are low on calories too!

6. Palm Oil

AN405 palm oil fruit 732x549 Thumb


This is basically a vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit, mainly primarily the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis. It’s interesting to note that it has extensive usage in our regular lives and we find it almost in everything. Not only can we consume it orally, but Palm oil is used in cosmetics, fuels, and even cleaning products.

The distribution of vitamin E in palm oil is 30% tocopherols and 70% tocotrienols.

Its rich natural elements can heal sunburn, fade out stretch marks, and moisturize skin deeply. Those who suffer from dry skin conditions or have excessively sensitive skin can certainly opt for palm oil.

The carotenoids present in palm oil restores the basic properties of hair. Vitamin A added with E is absorbed by the scalp promptly and adds the much-needed shine to lifeless and dull hair.

7. Olive oil

 vitamin E-rich foods for healthy skin and hair.


The oil extracted from little green fruits is rich in mono-saturated fats that lower the risk of heart diseases, it also benefits insulin level and helps control blood sugar. A good quality Olive oil will also be loaded with many vitamins including E, that boost the well-being of hair and skin.

Each tablespoon of olive oil provides 1.94 milligrams of vitamin E.

It is a general beauty booster that moisturizes deeply and scrubs out dead skin particles when added to exfoliators. It ensures that the pores don’t get clogged and you find your skin radiating health.

Massaging hair with olive oil once or twice every week will clean out flakes and limit its formation. When absorbed into the roots, olive oil encourages fast hair growth.


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